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You can breathe here.

Therapy can be a great place to support you in actualizing your most fulfilling and authentic life. 

Strengths-Based Approach

Therapy that builds on your strengths in pursuit of growth

Online Therapy (Telehealth) 

Our commitment to meet you wherever you are

Tailored Approach

Therapy based on your unique needs


Ujima is the Swahili translation for collective work and responsibility.

This principle guides our practice of mental health care, whereby clients and therapists work collaboratively to address goals. Our mission is to provide high-quality psychotherapy to people from communities that are marginalized. Distress caused by one’s identity being disenfranchised does not constitute a psychological disorder; however, therapy can be one of many spaces for healing from marginalization, ultimately reclaiming your power.

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Ujima Psychological Services 

"Let nothing dim the light that shines within"
- Maya Angelou
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