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Meet Our Team

Denise Baker


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Clinical Supervisor


From an early age, Denise has been intrigued by people, the relationship between experiences and existence, and what drives people to make decisions. This innate interest led Denise to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and later a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work. Denise specializes in the areas of trauma, mood disorders, relationships, intimate partner violence and issues relating to gender identity, sexual orientation and racial/ethnic identity(ies). Over the course of her professional career, Denise has worked in in a variety of settings, including adolescent and adult mental health, collegiate counseling/behavioral health, community-based outpatient counseling, reproductive/medical counseling, inpatient mental health and international non-profit consultation. 


Denise's collaborative supervision-style is informed by cognitive behavioral-therapy, mindfulness, eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing, cognitive processing, psychodynamic therapies and integrative practices, among other modalities.

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Bianca Gambrah 


Mental Health Counselor


The foundation of Bianca's approach is one of empathy, sensitivity, and respect. In therapy Bianca works to assist you in unpacking challenges/experiences that hinder you from living well. Bianca seeks to help identify areas of healing and growth, while supportively guiding you through vulnerable moments. Bianca believes that with the use of self-empowerment tools acquired in therapy you will be able to experience positive and long-lasting change. Bianca has worked in a variety of settings and has expertise working with young adults, first-generation families, and caregivers. 

Bianca uses a blend of CBT/DBT and EMDR with her clients to unpack complex trauma. Additionally, she utilizes humanistic approaches, that center the relationship between client and therapist. This integrated approach ensures that she is able to collaborate and support people of varying backgrounds, especially those with sociocultural identities that are marginalized. 


Licensed Master Social Work


Chete prioritizes making sure you feel safe, heard, and relaxed. Chete’s therapeutic style is grounded in empathy, humor, and understanding. With you in the driver’s seat of your therapeutic journey, Chete aims to walk with you and help you become your most authentic self. 


Chete draws from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Interpersonal Therapy as therapeutic frameworks in session while valuing a humanistic approach to maintain a healthy relationship between client and therapist. At a pace comfortable for you, Chete will introduce techniques from the listed frameworks, your strengths and interests, and any tool or resource that would benefit you along the way.

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Johana Rosas




Dr. Rosas is a bilingual/bicultural clinical psychologist with 12+ years of experience in child, adult, and family therapy. She has experience providing care in different settings including, children’s hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, outpatient psychology clinics, and private practice.


Her interests include neuropsychological evaluations, psychodiagnostic assessments, academic achievement evaluations, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, and parent training. Her approach to therapy prioritizes the use of evidence-based treatments, such as Cognitive‑Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and motivational interviewing. Her approach to therapy also values creating a collaborative space between her and clients. Dr. Rosas provides services in English and Spanish.


Samah Nanda


Mental Health Counselor


Samah was born and raised in India. While there she began her journey in mental health at the University of Delhi. She relocated to New York City and earned a master’s degree in counseling for Mental Health and Wellness at New York University.


In her work with clients, Trauma-informed care is at the core of Samah’s approach. With that as the focus she incorporates attachment theory along with other evidence-based strategies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Her goal is to empower clients and create a healing space where they can be introspective and explore their needs. Samah’s approach prioritizes cultural sensitivity. Her experience and training while in India created a foundation for her to utilize various therapeutic approaches from a culturally focused lens. In practice this allows her to adapt an approach that is unique to each client based on their experience and background. 

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Jonathan McClain PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Dr. McClain's genuine desire to understand you as a collaborator in the process of psychotherapy is the core of his approach to therapy. This collaboration honors your knowledge of self and his knowledge of psychological theory and practice. More specifically, Dr. McClain employs a culturally sensitive integrated approach to therapy that combines tenets of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with humanistic approaches that value the rapport between client and therapist.


Dr. McClain’s interest in psychology was born out of a desire to be in service to others and seeing psychotherapy as an avenue to do so. This interest led him to pursue experiences and training that would allow him to learn how to best serve various communities and their needs. Dr. McClain earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Penn State University and completed his pre-doctoral internship at the University of Pennsylvania's counseling center.

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