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Individual Therapy

The focus of therapy varies according to your needs and is something you explore with a trained clinician who can support and guide your process of self-exploration. Individual therapy allows you to examine your thoughts, emotions, experiences, and trauma that may be difficult to address elsewhere. Our clinicians are well-versed in addressing concerns related to depression, anxiety, sociocultural identity development, life stage transition, partner and family issues, work-related issues, grief and loss, trauma and abuse, oppression-related distress (e.g., racism, homophobia, ableism, etc.) and so much more.

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Relationship and Couples Therapy

As relationships evolve, partners may seek to deepen their connection, navigate challenges, and/or facilitate a deeper understanding of each other as individuals and partners. Regardless of the impetus, therapy offers a space to explore the relationship dynamic with the support of a neutral party. Ujima is committed to providing supportive, affirming, and compassionate care to all partnerships, regardless of orientation.

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(Online Therapy)

As our society continues to evolve and the delivery modalities for therapy expand, Ujima is committed to meeting your needs and providing service virtually. Connecting to our telehealth platform is similar to how you connect to other virtual meetings. First, a link will be generated and sent prior to your session. Then, before your appointment begins, you can join by inputting your name and selecting the “Join Now” option. It’s that simple.

Support Group

Group Therapy

Communal coping, or the practice of individuals utilizing support from community members to navigate distress, is a common practice among many cultures. In a modern context, we see this in how people use social media for support after major events. Similarly, group therapy aims to unite individuals from shared experiences who are seeking to learn and grow. Groups are generally composed of a therapist and 4-8 people interested in exploring a similar topic. Ujima offers an interpersonal process group called Umoja. This group is intended for people with identities that are marginalized, seeking to understand how their identities have contributed to their development, informed their lived experience, and related to how they see the world. The goal of group therapy is for members to share and listen, feel heard, find support, and reflect on themselves with others in a way that enhances their lives.

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Ujima Psychological Services, PLLC values your confidentiality and thus uses a telehealth platform that is HIPPA compliant and secure. For that reason we cannot conduct sessions via Facetime, Google Meet, or other platforms that do not meet HIPAA guidelines and may pose risks to confidentiality.

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